Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life Happens...

Life doesn't always happen quite as you've planned it to. You're always told to "hope for the best, but prepare for the worst". Often times though, you never dream of what "the worst" could possibly entail.

Last Thursday my mom flew back into Minneapolis. She found out last week she has kidney failure, and her insurance only covers her in Minnesota. Basically, this means that until she finds a kidney donor, if she even does, she'll be on dialysis. I feel terrible. She was hoping that California would be the beginning of a whole new chapter for her - a happy chapter. She wants to work again. She wants to maybe date again. She wanted to escape all of the negative people and things that have consumed her life here in Minnesota. She was hoping that the knee surgery she had just before she left would be the last surgery she'd have to have for a long time. But instead, here she sits. Banished back to this frozen hell of negatively influential people and terrible memories. I just wish she could start anew. I feel like something is always getting in her way...

I had to reschedule Snooki & Stitch's vet appt to March 10th because I don't have enough PTO to take the day off. It'll probably be for the best because on the 10th I only have to drive to Elko vs. Winona. We have to drop them off by 8 am and can't pick them up until between 3-5, which is also why waiting to go when they're in Elko will be best. This way I don't have to take the whole day off. Elko's close enough that I can drop them off and get back to work on time. If we were to go to Winona, we'd have to putz around ALL DAY! The only downfall is Snooki doesn't get to go home now until then either. Poor girl. She misses her daddy & brothers!

Other kitty mom has decided to take June with her when she heads back to California. She doesn't care if she's allergic. She just loves that dang cat so much. It'll be good for both of them I think. My mom wont be so lonely, and neither will June. June's so used to having my mom around all of the time, and now that she lives with me I'm never home. I feel bad, but I'm a busy girl!

Well, readers. Adios!

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