Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miss Ferocious

This is Miss Ferocious aka Kitty aka Louise aka Jin Lin. Ferocious being her "legal" name, Kitty being her "mother's" nick name for her, Louise being my "old lady" name for her, and Jin Lin being Adam's "ninja" name for her. She's 16 years old, so I felt she deserved a more "senior citizen" name.
I began fostering her last April and she returned home three days ago. I miss her dearly.
She was the sweetest, most well behaved cat I've ever had. Until you put her around other animals, that is. She had this demonic sounding growl/hiss; hence the name Ferocious. Despite her disgust with other animals, she was amazing. I L O V E D having her! She has digestive issues, so she had to eat a special diet. If she got ahold of some regular food, which she often did, she'd throw up E V E R Y W H E R E. Oh jeez, I have plenty-o-stains on my carpet to prove that! But it was worth it. She was wonderful. It's seriously the weirdest thing coming home and not seeing her make her way out of whatever corner she made her home for the day. Sleeping at night is even weirder. She cuddled with me every single night. Oh I miss it.
She H A T E D my cat Snooki for quite some time. She still wasn't her biggest fan the day she left, but I have proof that they secretly loved each other. Deep down...somewhere. It was moments like these that made me really, really happy. The only time she really despised Snooks was when she got in one of her playful moods and chased Ferocious/Kitty/Louise/Jin Lin all over the house. FKLJL H A T E D that! As long as Snooks kept her composure though, FKLJL didn't really mind her. I know she really misses her too. She was lonely for 2 days, but I brought June back over to keep her company. I think June & Snooki will be best of friends soon enough. Snooki isn't big on the idea yet, but June is just too sweet to dislike. This morning I caught June "headbutting" Snooks & licking her. How flippin' adorable, right!? I know...I have the best darn kitties!

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