Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's all about FoReVeR...

As you can probably tell, I have a serious o b s e s s i o n with Forever 21. I donate a large chunk of my income to them monthly. So much, in fact, that I should probably start receiving a personal discount at some point here.

It seems that at every change of season, my shopping a d d i c t i o n rages! It's like a monster. I can't even control it! I always feel that I have absolutely nothing to wear for the upcoming season. Which, I can admit, is probably absurd considering the year before I had a fully stocked wardrobe, as I do for every season. But who wants to wear clothes that are soooooo last season? lol At least that's the excuse I use to backup my spending problem. Plus, who doesn't feel beautiful in a new outfit?! I sure as heck do!

So, as I do just about everyday, I was surfing the Forever 21 website. Here are some newly delicious additions to their site, with a few oldies, but goodies tossed in the mix:

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