Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yet again...

Things on this blog are going to be changing, yet again, very soon.

I've decided to switch things up a bit. As I mentioned in my last post, I've been wanting to start doing outfit posts, as you see many, if not most, of the other fashion bloggers do. The difference is, I'm going to do outfit posts for every type of body! All of my friends seem to have a different body type, which is really going to come in handy for my blog!! I spoke with the photographer at my job and she's going to be taking photos of me for the outfit posts that I'm going to be in!

I think this is really going to be a good idea for a number of reasons.

1) I'll get to practice and showcase my own photography!

2) My friends will get pretty pictures of themselves!

3) The photographer at my office will get to showcase some of her work

4) A number of different styles for all different body types will be shown.

5) I get to shop, take pics & dress people up!

I'm a thrifty shopper and refuse to buy expensive things. Flat. Out. Refuse. Hence the new blog title you're going to be seeing very soon. So, every post will include where & how much info.

In addition, let me know if you're a certain body type and would like some help/advice when it comes to dressing trendy on a budget! Also, if there's a clothing item you have & love but aren't 100% sure how to wear it. I'll see if I have something like it, or know where to get it so I can do a post just for you!!

I'll also do a few posts with deals going on at the stores I frequently shop at. That way, if you see something you like on my blog, you might just be able to get it at an even better bargain price!

What to look forward to:

1) Forever 21

2) Charlotte Russe

3) H & M

4) Rue 21

5) Le Femme

And so many others...

Also, if you ladies happen to know of some stores that I should be checking out please let me know! I'm always excited to check out new stores!!

Check back soon for the new & improved...

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  1. good idea! i'd love to see outfit posts for all body types! i'm really petite so when i see bloggers who are tall and slim do outfit posts they look so good but i don't think i can pull off their looks.. looking forward to seeing your posts!



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