Thursday, May 19, 2011

bathroom pics? Please!

I'm as classy as they come.
Which is whyyy I enjoy a little time alone in the bathroom.
Just me, the mirror & my camera phone.
It's where magic happens.

So, this would be my outfit today...
 Strike a pose!

Don't get all excited now. 
Despite the way it may look...
I was N O T trying to flash a boob.

 See that ring?
It's my fav.
It's a snake.
And it's a double finger ring.
Which makes it double the awesome.

[purse | thrifted] [shoes | charlotte russe] [top | f21] [jeans | vanity] [necklace | f21] [rings | f21]

Can I tell ya my favorite part about this top?
There's a zipper that runs from the top of one sleeve alllll the way across to the top of the other sleeve.
It's really neat because you can change the neckline whenever you please.
It can be an off [one] shoulder top one day.
And off both shoulders the next
[just like I'm sportin' it]
Or you could not have it off the shoulders at all.
And finally, you could zip it all the way up.
I'm not sure why you'd do that, but it's an option.

Stay classy, bloggers!



  1. wonderful outfit!! love your shoes and bag <3 and cute necklace!!

  2. Cute outfit! Love those heels :)


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