Monday, May 16, 2011

officially official...

I officially have hit 100 posts. 
This being my 101st.

I had a pretty good weekend.
Friday night I went out for 2for1 drinks with the bf & our friend Dana.
I had far more drinks than anticipated.
But that's ok because I had far more fun than anticipated, as well!
Then Saturday me and Adam had a romantic night.
Dinner & a movie.
Juicy Lucy's @ Buffalo Tap & Machete.
The burgers were delish and the movie was so-so.
Sunday we had a pretty relaxed, chill day and had dinner with a bunch of people for our friend Jason and his sons' birthdays! We ate at El Loro. Ick. I'm not big into Mexican food, but I can usually find something on their menu I'll eat. Not at this place though.

I hope your weekends were great!

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  1. that sounds like a fun weekend! :D

    and ps: happy 101th! to a 100 more!! cheers!



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