Thursday, May 5, 2011

snakes & birds

Dress, Rings, Shoes - Asos, Sweater - TopShop, Necklace - F21

I'm really itchin' to buy this sweater! I mean, awesome is it!? It's beauuuutiful. I love the birds! Those shoes are pretty killer as well!

Workin' late tonight making fliers for my upcoming events! It's gonna be a looong day!

Tomorrow = payday! You know what that means ; ) - SHOPPING!!! hehehe Shame on me! I really need to start saving money. Know why? The NAMEKAGON!!! It's less than 2 months away! Plus I'll need to buy a present for Adam for our anniversary & his birthday! Yikes! June is going to be a spendy month!

What fun summer plans do you have?


  1. lovely put together! thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!i hope this means we are friends?! xoxo

  2. i like how you put everything together :) a cute outfit for a night out with friends. i love that black dress :)

  3. i want everything that you have on here. it would make for a beautiful outfit!!


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