Thursday, May 26, 2011

there's a party on the rooftop, top of the world

I'm baaaaaack!

This weekend was absolutely amazing! The weather was beautiful, and we had such a wonderful time.
It was nice to relax and have no responsibilties.
Plus, I've really been looking forward to having a bonfire!
No s'mores this time though.

As I'm sure you've noticed...
I've been thoroughly obsessed with Polyvore lately.
I've forgotten how much I adore that website.
I've been making lots & lots of templates this week.
And now I think it's time to put together a few "collections".
So there are clearly many more Polyvore posts to come.
Go ahead and get excited!

Memorial Day weekend is practically here.
Another two day weekend?!
It's, of course, too good to be true.
I actually have to work for a few hours on Memorial Day.
Thank God it's only for an hour or two.
Possibly three.
My office is moving over the weekend, so I've gotta come in and get my desk all set up and ready for Tuesday.
It's supposed to rain and be crappy here anyways.
What's new though, right?!
Minnesota really sucks this year.
Big time!

What about you guys'?
Any exciting plans this weekend?


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