Wednesday, May 18, 2011

welcome to the good life...

Oh! Well, heyyyyy!


Is it Friday yet?
'Course not!

Me and some friends rented a cabin, and I'm reaaaaaally dyin' to go! It's gonna be a blast! Fo' realsies!

I'm workin' late every night for the next week just to make up for takin' this Saturday off at the "Date Shack". I'd really like to be at home watchin' Sons of Anarchy right now, though! I'm puuuuurdy tired.

Our blind cat Lilo wakes me up like every morning at the crack of dawn. He's on a diet because the vet says he's a fatty.

It's true. He really is.

But he's hungry all. the. freakin'. time.
And all he ever does is meow all. the. freakin'. time.

Yeahhhh. That's the culprit!

He's darn cute though, ain't he!?

He's our other two...

This is Snooki.
Yes, that is her real name.
It was Cinder, but if you heard her'd understand why we changed it!
And this is Stitch.
Such a gentleman.

And those are my kids



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