Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life...and other stuff.

The boyfriend moved this weekend.
It was probably the absolute worst weekend for that here in the Minnie.
It was a scorcher.
Still is, actually.

We moved iterally all weekend.
Friday - Sunday.
We did manage to finish at about 4 pm Sunday though, so I fit in a little poolside time.

We got this new bookshelf in our diningroom about a week or so ago and I decided this weekend I needed to decorate it.
So I set out on a mission that has been a pain in the ass!
I finally found what I was looking for.
More, actually.
I bought a wooden cutout sign that says:
"Welcome Friends"
I centered that on the bookshelf.
Then today I found a beautiful milk-white vase and a bouquet of faux red tulips.
Also, I found these adorable iron keys on rings that I'm determined to find a place to hang.
I bought those at this place called "A Touch of Home" & it was just that.
My grandma was an antiquer & I always tagged along.
Turns out, I'm a bit of an antiquer too.
I love old things.
They have so much history and beauty it's unbelievable.
This store totally reminded me of her.
She would have loved it.
I loved it.

I also bought these beautiful tall candle sticks that will match my apt perfectly.
I'll take a picture soon so you all can see.

While Adam was moving this weekend I inherited an assortment of things.
One thing I was super excited for was this wall shelf he had in his kitchen that has hooks for pots & pans.
It looks fantastic in my kitchen.

I also inherited the cats.
All 3 of them.
I'm actually quite happy to have them with me.
I think we could use a little 3 on 1 bonding time.
I've missed my babies lately.

I hope you're all surviving the heat in your 'hood.
This wave seems to be stretching out across like 16 states, I guess.



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