Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's rare when I have real talk with ya'll, so I thought I'd make today that day.

I've never really known what I want to be when I grow up. Well...until about a year ago, at least. I realized that my obsession with organization & my love of event planning was my calling. As I've mentioned before - me and my roommate are in the midst of starting up a company called Those Four Words. It's a wedding proposal planning company and I'm very excited about it! I'm really crossing my fingers that it'll be a hit once we're officially up and running. Until that takes off, I spend my days working for a computer company & planning events/match making for a dating service part time. My full time job - the computer company - is not exactly my cup of tea. I've been actively job searching for about a year and a half now, with no luck. Thanks to my Dad I landed an interview for Ameriprise as an Executive Assistant today! Wish me luck, friends! I'm gonna need it. This job would be a huge step up for me with a lot more responsibility and a lot more pay! I think I'll really enjoy it a lot more as well, and will be gaining a ton of great knowledge. I'll be responsible for managing calendars planning corporate events. Right up my alley! I spent quite a while last night picking out the perfect interview outfit. I finally decided on an LBD. It's a beautiful short sleeved, a-line, crew neck dress with a slight bubble hem & beautifully intricate bead work on the shoulders. I actually bought that dress a little over 2 years ago to wear on this surprise date Adam had planned for me (which turned out to be dinner at the restaurant we had our first date at, followed by front row tickets to Cirque Du Soleil - So exciting! Especially since I had never been to see it before!).

Wish me luck! I might be needing it!



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