Friday, August 12, 2011

finding middle ground

I don't know about you, but as I get older I'm finding that I no longer know what's appropriate for me to wear, and what isn't.
I feel like I'm at this awkward age where I find myself either dressing too maturely, or too young.
It's been difficult to find a happy medium.
I'm only 25.
But I feel like I'm getting too old for things like "booty-shorts", mini-skirts, leggings & cropped shirts.
Denim is especially a difficult item for me to buy.
I think distressed, flared & low-rise jeans are a thing of the past for me.
Or at least they should be.
And I think 25 yr olds are starting to push it with skinny-jeans.
How old is too old for skinny jeans?
I think 25 is a good age to start changing how you dress.
You're a little too mature to be sportin' butt-cleav, but not quite mature enough to be sporting "mom-pants". know which one's I'm talkin' about!
Getting older doesn't mean not getting to dress sexy or stylish anymore.
It's exactly the opposite!
Here are a few "age appropriate" outfits I put together for the typical twenty-something.
Let me know whatcha think!

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