Monday, August 29, 2011

Not quite as I planned....

I have to give props to all of you lovely fashion bloggers who find the time & energy to do outfit posts.
I first decided that this would be a fashion blog due to inspiration from all of the wonderful blogs that I followed.
The lovely pictures & the even more lovely outfits made me want to have something similar.
However, finding someone with the same free time as I have has proven to be impossible.
Not to mention, I don't really have any friends that share my love for fashion.
So needless to say, outfit posts have proven quite difficult for me.
With the exception of my bathroom mirror pictures I manage to squeeze in occasionally rarely.
I had all of these big plans for this blog that just haven't panned out.
I'm gonna work on that though, friends!
Hopefully in the next few weeks you'll see quite the change here.
And hopefully it'll be a good change!
I guess you'll just have to wait & see!


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