Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Inspiration

Fall Inspiration

As much as I hate to say this, I'm kind of looking forward to fall.
I hate the cold & I hate snow, but I'm kind of excited to break out my fall coats & boots.
I'd be plenty happy if the coldest Minnesota got was 45.
That I could handle.
But -20 degrees is something I am dreading!
With fall nipping at our toes I'm dreaming of all of the clothes I'm going to get to break out again!
This season I'm going to try to sport similar outfits to the above.
Sweaters & shorts.
Maxi dresses & skirts.
And of course, my favorite - leopard print.
For some reason I avoid animal print during the warm summer months.
It seems so much like a winter fashion.
It's funny how I separate silly little things between summer & winter.
Silver I always tend to wear more in the winter months, where as gold is my go-to metalic during the summer months.
White = Summer. Black = winter.
Neutrals & florals = summer. Solid bolds = winter.
I'm excited for my warmer clothes :)

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