Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No news, is good news.

Today is officially day numero dos at the new job.
Things are going alright.
I feel like such an idiot here though.
I really need to study up on a few things in order to do well here.
Such as
Variable Universal Life Insurance
Roth IRA's.
Wrap funds.
Ishhh like that.
I'm lost here without those words in my everyday vocab.

Yesterday they pretty much threw me in the thick of things.
Kicked me off the boat & hoped I could float.
Heh...I made a rhyme!
At least that's one thing I can do right...
Hmpfff. :(

I miss feeling confident in what I do.
Knowing I was the best.

I forgot how terrible being the new girl  really is.

Le argh.


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