Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE Wedding.

NYE Wedding.
My boyfriend's coworker/close friend is getting married on New Years Eve. 
Terrible date picking if you ask me.
Finding an outfit that is a. a little glitzy for NYE and b. still wedding appropriate has proven to be difficult. Especially living in Minnesota.
December/January typically calls for nylons/tights to be worn with dresses. 
Although this isn't exactly a typical December/January for us Minnesotans seeing as we have no snow yet.
Buuuut. It's tough pairing the perfect dress with the perfect colored nylons/tights and the perfect shoes. 
I thought I was set with what I bought.
Thank God I tried it on a few days early.
I had to completely buy a new outfit.
I think I got it figured out now.
My dress is an olive color. It's satin with an empire waist & it's shorter in the front & longer in the back.
Super cute. 
No sequins...which I was hoping to be able to incorporate, but still a great pick....if you ask me!

What would YOU wear to a NYE wedding?

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