Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It's always difficult during the holiday season not to shop for yourself while you're out & about picking up the perfect gifts for others.
Especially when the sales are so amazing!
I never was any good at self control...
Which is why I shopped a little more after work last night!
Me and my roommate were doin' our thaaang around town trying to finish up our Christmas shopping when she found the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. pair of skinny jeans at Target of all places! 

Upside : We're the same size.
Downside: They were the last pair.

Knowing that I just about cleaned out one of my bank accounts on my lunch break and really didn't need another pair, I "let" her have them.
When we got home I tried them on and after that I just pretty much had to have them. 
I tried 2 Targets without any luck this morning so I had one of the very helpful Target employees call around to try and find another pair in my size.
Alas, they were found.
The very last pair at the St. Louis park store just so happened to be my size.
Now THAT'S fate!
Just to sweeten the story - I also found this skirt that I've been dying to buy but can never find it in my size.
And it was on C L E A R A N C E !  
Lucky me!

I decided that, in order to make myself feel better about this purchase, I'd return the last pair that I just bought that don't fit right & look almost exactly like another pair I have & never wear.

I also found a BEAUTIFUL fur vest with a leather belt & sides at Marshalls along with a super cute sheer, snakeskin print tunic and this beautiful silk, sleeveless nude top with pearl accents all on C L E A R A N C E!

Downside : That pearl accented top has a hole in it.

Yep. Discovered it this morning when I put it on to wear to work.

Color me disappointed.
I was reaaaaally looking forward to debuting it today with a black blazer & black dress pants.

I'm gonna try & snap a few quick pictures tonight of my cheap-o finds.

I'll also take a few of my awesome Goodwill purchases from this weekend!



  1. Yay for treating yourself on shopping sprees! I'm the same way... because no one know us better than ourselves :)
    Thank you so much for your kindness!
    Good luck!

  2. hahaha i had similar situation like yours with the jeans where i had to let my best friend had the gorgeous leather skirt i found and tried first. but the skirt was too big on me (though it was the smallest size they had) and it fit on my bestie PERFECTLY. it broke my heart MY INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY featuring UNESTABLISH



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