Monday, December 5, 2011


Apparently the next month is wedding season in my neck of the woods! I haven't attended a wedding since summer 2010 and now I have 2 weddings coming up! 12/31 & 1/7! 1 week apart! So needless to say I need a dress. And by "a" dress I of course mean TWO dresses! How could I pass up the opportunity to buy 2 beautiful new dresses?
So anywho, I've been on a mission to find the perfect dresses, which proved to be impossible. I found a few that would do, but none that I was in love with. Then last week I suddenly was in the mood for some thrifting (what's new?). I tried out Goodwill in Hopkins (MN) that I had never been to before and let me tell you - GOLDMINE! I found THREE dresses! They're all absolutely perfect! Not to mention I only spent a total of $22 and bought 3 dresses, a movie & a pair of snakeskin flats! Then the next day I decided to hit up my favorite Goodwill in Apple Valley (MN) since I was on such a roll! Well I found a FOURTH dress! Now I'm stuck trying to make a decision which two dresses will be making their debut! There's one slight problem.....3 of the 4 dresses are sleeveless....which January in Minnesota does not allow. So tights are definitely going to be a requirement and some cute cardi's. I'm just nervous that those two things will take away from the overall amazingness of the dresses! I'll have to post pictures soon. I could definitely use some help picking out the two winning dresses :)

Adios, my friends!

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