Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Grammys | Best & Worst Dressed


 Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward.
She looked absolutely STUNNING!!!!! That dress was perfection. I wouldn't change a thing (except maybe her hair color!).
 Katy Perry in Elie Saab.
She looked beautiful. Although I'm not a fan of the blue hair, this dress was a nice fresh change of pace for Katy. I'm used to her wacky over the top outfits but this......this was elegant and beautiful. Nice job Katy!
 Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad. 
Again Taylor goes for gold and nails it! She looked beautiful in this gown which was sexy & classy!
 Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad.
Although I'm not normally a fan of short dresses for occasions such as the Grammys, Kate looked amazing. I love the draped side and one shoulder look. She definitely rocked this dress!
Adele in Giorgio Armani.
Adele stuck to her classic look but nevertheless looked timeless and gorgeous.

*I purposely left out some ridiculous looks such as Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga for a reason - They always dress for shock appeal not to impress.*
 Anne V. in......Who cares. It's ugly & inappropriate for the Grammys.
 Bonnie McKee. What is this.....? Is she a transformer?
 Fergie.....seriously? Put a real dress on. Not something that's better left in the bedroom.
 Robyn. What's up with the mullet dress? Not to mention those construction boots gone way, way wrong.
And Snooki......Are you teaming up with Stewie in attempts of taking over the world with your hypnotizing dress? Not cool! And your hair confuses me. on a positive note....her face is looking much slimmer and I like that she went a little easier on the makeup than normal.


  1. I LOVED taylor swift's dress. She's so statuesque and she pulled off that high collar well. I loved Adele's dress too. And as a hair stylist, her hair was gorgeous! Great throwback look. <3

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  2. Love Taylor Swift's look! Definitely agree with you on Anne V. I know people definitely dress a little more shocking for the Grammy's but her dress was just awful.

  3. I love that Kate Beckinsale took a chance with the short dress, it`s nice to see some change from all the gowns.xx

  4. Definilly, love Adele in Giorgio Armani... so cute style!!! And gourgeous blog too dear!!!

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  5. I agree, she needs to go back blonde, grey isn't cutting it.

  6. Excuse my delay in answering!And thanks for your lovely comment dear! Now, follow you by GFC too!!!
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  7. love it!! great post
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  8. hahahaha! Thanks for this! Your comments are HILARIOUS!

    I think if Fergie had that in black and wore a black full slip it would be passable for another awards show. I felt second hand embarrassment for Ann V. looking at that pic :\

    These people have tons of money, lots of brands willing to loan them clothes, and many people that could help them pick a great outfit.. why so many mess ups? It's a crazy world, lol

    And I laughed SOO hard at your Snooki/Stewie comment!! I started twirling my head around like in the show, lol.. thanks for this!

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale
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  9. Did you see the lady who wore the same dress last year? She just added a sparkly bra and a tutu this year. Ridic. Kelly looked AMAZEBALLS and she tweeted that it was the first time she got a spray tan-she should def do that more often. I'm just as pale as her, and those puppies can do wonders for your appearance!

    BTW...I'm finally following're the first person EVAR, so feel special. You need to come do some guest spots for me, mmkay? Kthanks. :)


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