Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Incorporated...

That's right.
I F I N A L L Y incorporated some C O L O R into my wardrobe! 
I found this dress on clearance for $7.98 at Target yesterday and snatched it right up!
It's a little big for me, but they only had 1 left and I H A D to have it!
Yep...that's right. H A D to.
I also grabbed this sweater yesterday off a clearance rack at Target for $5.98.
What a killer deal.
And those heels? 
Target clearance for $14.98.
They're quite possibly my favorite heels ever.
I have the same ones in red that I got a few weeks back on clearance there as well for the same price.
They're so comfortable and I wear them all the time.
I saw these black ones finally on clearance about a week ago and I forced myself to leave them behind.
But after some serious thought....I had to go back and grab 'em. 
Closed toe black pumps are what my shoe wardrobe is seriously lacking on.

 sweater | mossimo
skirt | xhileration
tights | vera wang
heels | mossimo
necklace | f21

I'm so excited to start incorporating some color into my wardrobe.
I'm so happy I nabbed this skirt, too, not only because it's bright & colorful but also because it's so easy to find tops to wear with it because of all the colors!
So many options!
I can't wait to remix it!


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