Friday, February 10, 2012

mad for metalics

flats :: old navy | tights :: vera wang | sweater dress :: mossimo | necklace :: f21

The heat in my apartment has been all whack lately. We had it set at 65 degrees and yet it was 80 degrees in the apartment. Ickkk. So, last night we opened all of the windows and turned the heat off and this morning it felt great!! A little chilly, but pretty fantastic. Because of the temperature inside being all crazy I was completely unaware of the outdoor temp today. So I wore a dress. Little did I know that outside was blisteringly cold! I saw outside of the church by my work that it's -2 degrees out right now. Brrrrrrr. Damn you thermostat for tricking me into thinking a dress would be completely appropriate today. I froze my entire drive to work. 

I was offered an incredible opportunity a few weeks back to help out a very awesome photographer friend of mine by photographing a memorial concert tonight. I'm so stoked and a little bit nervous that my pictures will look pretty pitiful next to hers. I've always loved taking pictures though, so we'll see! This will be my first time taking them mildly professionally. 

I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes and of course I'll take a few shots of what I wear!



  1. I spy one hott iphone case! And you look fantastic.



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