Tuesday, February 21, 2012

White Night.

Minnesota has been relatively snow free so far this winter but tonight everything is covered in a beautiful white blanket. We'll see how long it lasts, though. I can hear the plows clearing the roads already.

I know I shared with you all a few months back that I had gotten a new job as an executive assistant/corporate event planner. I'm also pretty sure I shared recently that the position wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I was offered a position as an admin assistant at another company a week ago for slightly more money and accepted the offer. I'm scheduled to start there on the 27th of this month. Last Monday I was sought out by another company and asked to come in for an interview. It was an amazing offer financially and for an amazing company so I thought it was worth checking out. Well the day after my first interview I was called to come back for a second interview and assessment test. That was Friday. I'm supposed to hear back this week and I sure hope I do. This would be such an awesome opportunity and I would be so thrilled to be offered it! Cross your fingers for me!

In other news...me and the boy turned in our application to a townhome today and should hear back within 2 days. Apartments, we discovered, are pretty much full and it's been such a pain finding a new place, so we really have all of our eggs in this one basket.

I could so use all the prayers in the world right now. So, any ya'll are willing to throw my way would mean the world!

Thanks so much, guys!


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