Sunday, April 8, 2012

Polka dot

heels | mossimo
jeans | decree via JcPenny
top | h&m
earrings (not pictured) | f21

Check out a few of my new finds I told you about the other day from JcPenny & h&m! I'm looovin' these jeans. Decree brand always fits me so well! They fit awesome in the waist and are tight on my legs and butt...which is tough to find! Oh - and I love the length!! Lucky me - they were only $25! And that beautiful polkadot top is amaaazing. Having a bigger chest it's tough for me to find loose fitting tops that don't totally tent out and make me look far larger than I am. This one though pulls in just a little bit in the chest which makes the flowy part around the stomach stay straight and not tent outwards. Only $12.95 at h&m! They have this top with inverted colors (cream with black polkadots) as well as striped coloreful ones and plain white & black.

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  1. Hi :)
    I just stumbled across your blog - OMG! So awesome! And I love polka dots to death - what a cute outfit!
    Everyone is going mad over neon colours & its a relief to see that delicate robin eggs blue on your pants :) Following you!


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