Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leopards & Flowers

tank | h&m
cardi | allen b. via jcp
jeans | rewind via jcp
heels | charlotte russe
necklace | f21

Hi, friends! Sorry my blog posts have been so short & sweet lately. I've been a busy bee, not to mention there have been mega technology issues in my household lately. First my computer crashed and burned a few months ago so me and the boyfriend have been sharing his. Welllll as of Tuesday his laptop randomly lost it's "wireless card" or some technological mumbo-jumbo. So I've really just been stuck with my phone which is the reason for me not being such a Chatty-Cathy. Typing on a touch screen is enough of a huge pain in the butt just trying to text, but typing a whole blog post? Fuhgitaboudit. 

Anywhoooo, can I just share with you guys' what an AWESOME deal this floral kimono-esque cover-up cardi thing I'm wearing was? Eight bucks. Yep. That's right. Eight freakin' dollars. I couldn't believe it! Gotta love Jcp best deal racks. They're my new best friend. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! I sure did! I spent Sunday & Monday at the beach with my favorite people gettin' my tan & my swim on. I'm still pretty pasty. Give it some time....I'll get a little color one of these days! 



  1. I like your kimono-like cardi! :)

  2. love the cardi!

    i would love for you to come check out my blog as well I just posted a new outfit post!

    Figure of Chic

  3. i love that floral kimono!! and it looks really great paired with the leopard heels. and you can't beat $8! <3


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog! I love this combination of the floral and the leopard print!


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