Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Precious Ball of Fur

This weekend was one I will never forget, and not for good reasons.
My little baby boy Lilo passed away. He was my boyfriend and I's 5 year old Maine Coon/Ragdoll kitty. He had huge, useless eyes - he was blind. But smarter than any kitty I've ever known. He was perfect. Honestly, I can't even begin to tell you how perfect he was. He won over EVERYONES heart. Even those that weren't too fond of felines. He was sweet. Cuddly. Well behaved. Funny. Attentive. And so, so smart!
His passing was very unexpected. We noticed Saturday afternoon that he was being far more lethargic than normal and he didn't come running for treats when I shook the bag - VERY unlike him! We had a wedding to attend, so we made him comfortable in his favorite chair and went to the wedding. We got home at about 1:30 am and found him laying in the hallway just outside of our bedroom. He was breathing pretty heavily and gagging. His paws were covered in vomit. We tried to stand him, but he just collapsed. So we put him in his bed and my boyfriend stayed with him all night in the hall and cuddled him. At 6 am Adam came into my room to let me know he had passed away.
Saturday morning he was fine. A little lethargic, maybe. But he was fine. He even came in the bathroom with me while I got ready and followed me when I left. It just happened so fast. And so, so unexpected. We're all so very broken hearted.
Sunday night me and Adam took him to Adam's favorite park to hike in and we burried him in a field of wild flowers & fireflies.
Cuddling with his daddy.
He was always the cutest while he slept.
Lilo & his little sister, Snooki.
All three of the kitties cuddling with daddy. Snooki & Stitch LOVED Lilo.
Me and my big boy.
Cuddling with daddy again.
Adam was his favorite :)
Big eyes!!
Their very first picture together before we brought him home. It was love at first sight!
Best buds!

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