Saturday, August 25, 2012

Right about now.

Top | h&m
skirt | merona
heels | novo/thrifted
necklace | ebay
skull bracelet | ebay
spike bracelet | ebay
blue bracelet | unknown

As I shared with you all a few days ago, I'm headed to Florida on Tuesday. To Ft. Myers. During a hurricane. Brilliant timing, mother nature! Thanks a lot! Seriously, though....what a total bummer? All this shopping I've done & all of these great warm-weather pieces I've found might just go to waste. Suuuure, it'll probably still be nice & muggy out, but who wants to throw on a beautiful white floral dress just to get soaked? Not I. Ahhh well, I've got these super sexy high waisted black flowy shorts by Jennifer Lopez I'm excited to prance around in. Those will still come in handy, I'm sure.


  1. Nice shirt.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
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  2. If you ever decide you don't like that skull bracelet, you can send it my way. ;) Have fun in FL, tell your mom I say "hi" and give June Bug a big squeeeeze from me! Does she still do that incredibly loud purr? I kinda miss that little furball.


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