Friday, October 12, 2012

Red Leopards

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I bought these jeans a few years ago and somehow they found their way to the very bottom of the jeans pile. Why? No clue. They're freakin' awesome! They're quite possibly the only pair of jeans I own that actually stay tight all day long and don't end up 3 sizes bigger 30 minutes after putting them on. Glad I rediscovered them :)
And this top? Can I just tell you....I tried this on at Jcp a few weeks back and it was the only one left on the clearance rack and just so happened to be my size. I fell in love. I love how long it is & how loose & flowy it is. But I talked myself out of it because I was trying my best not to spend money. Why was I teasing myself by browsing Jcp? I'm apparently very self torturing. Anywho, I just so happened to be at Jcp again yesterday and found that the top was still there! This obviously means that we were meant to be so I bought it. And I will not regret that decision!


  1. Gotta love leopard print! =)

  2. SO lucky you spotted that adorable top on sale!! I LOVE it!! And your skull bracelet is TOO cute!!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  3. Love the skull bracelet!

    Swing by to enter to win a gorgeous metal collar bib necklace by LAB!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. love the bracelets!


  5. Love your bracelets! I'd love it if you could come and visit and blog and maybe follow each other?
    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  6. Make sure you include your adorable little face in every photo. K? Jcp has the best shoe dept ever. Dawn suitcase vignettes

  7. I love that skull bracelet in the bottom photo! Your fashion sense is so lovely!



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