Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did the title of this post grab your attention?
I actually kind of thought I was being witty considering this post contains no outfit photos. So....there are no clothes. It's nude. Get it? hehe :)

I just needed to take a moment to complain.
And maybe hopefully someone can actually tell me I'm just an idiot.

Where are all of the follow buttons?
I see so many fashion bloggers changing their blogs up & ditching the follow button for a "subscribe" button.

I'll be honest....I will not subscribe to your blog.
And that makes me sad.
I find so many amazingly beautiful & talented bloggers that I don't get to creep on on a daily basis because of this issue.

It's annoying.
And maybe hopefully I'm just missing something here....or don't quite understand what "subscribing" really entails....
I'm assuming it involves receiving emails when you've posted?
I don't want that.
Like...really don't want that.
I get enough crap mail that chances are I'll either miss the email because it's all jumbled up in the junk....or I'll just be annoyed with it because I now have yet another email in my inbox & I'll delete it.


It'll link or something to my internet....like make a button I can click?
I'm not sure. Maybe that's not even a thing....just a scenario my annoyed thoughts have created.

Either way. I just want to come to this one spot where I can scroll thru all of these amazingly wonderful & inspirational posts you gorgeous girls put up for me to creeeeep on.

Let me follow you.

Wow....how creepy does that sound?

Seriously, though.


  1. Not creepy at all. I welcome people to follow me! LOL

    I also think that more people want folks to subscribe to their blogs more because of Google doing away with Google Friend Connect to non-Blogger blogs back in March (I believe). Personally, I only subscribe to a handful of blogs via email, and majority of the others I "subscribe" to using Google Reader.



    1. Ya learn somethin' new everyday! I had no idea about that happening with Google Friend Connect. It's just a bummer that it has to be such a pain just to read people's blogs daily! :(


You're the best!