Friday, January 11, 2013


top | Jennifer Lopez
pants | mossimo (thrifted)
heels | guess (thrifted)
necklace | ebay

I told you I was coming back! That break lasted far longer than intended. I had a few computer glitches when I attempted to post these pictures earlier this week and my upload button for photos disappeared, but it's back now and so am I! 

I wore this outfit last weekend and my kitty, Stitch decided to join me - but clearly was not wanting kisses from mommy! So sorry for the grainy, terrible quality photos. I recently got a new computer and didn't have my usual color editing tools so I tried to use the editing on my phone which looked great when the pictures were small....but that didn't quite translate to the larger screen. 

Don't you love how by the last picture the leaning tree has disappeared? I actually had just bought this tree on sale after Christmas last year and was so excited to put it up this year. However, our new kitten Willow decided it was her jungle gym and climbed it (repeatedly) breaking most of it's branches and causing it to lean. Halfway through taking these photos I was sick of looking at the tree and took it down.

I have to tell you - I'm totally diggin' this blouse. I actually bought it in white, too! I went CRAZY at Kohls for their amazing sale they've got goin' on - an additional 25% off clearance prices. I may or may not have purchased about 18 new outfits. I had to do some serious closet cleaning to make room. Did anybody else indulge in this dangerous sale?



  1. Love your pants...great outfit overall!


  2. Amazing Trousers!!! Love them xx


  3. Those pants are so much fun! Can't believe that you thrifted them!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  4. I had purchased those pants long ago at target and wasnt sure if i should keep them, then saw a drag queen wearing at the el stop in Chicago then and decided i couldn't unsee that so i had to take em back. Damn him/her!


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