Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I saw this dress at Target a few weeks ago and wanted it. Bad. I actually wanted it in the striped version or the leopard print version, but honestly - any of the color/pattern variations would have made me quite happy. The dress sells at Target for $27.99 - which is by no means "expensive"...but for me it was just too much. So I decided I would wait until it hit the clearance racks and cross my fingers there was one left in my size.
Well....last week I stopped by the Salvation Army near my work on my lunch break and to my surprise this dress (in my size!!!) was just sitting on the dress rack waiting for me. The best part? It was $4. Well worth the wait, my friends.
Last week I just so happened to see one of you gorgeous blogger girls (wish I could remember who exactly...) wearing a similar dress layered over a sheer blouse. It was stunning....I obviously had to replicate the look.
Mossimo dress || Jennifer Lopez blouse || Cosmopolitan boots || Charming Charlie earrings || Merona tights

I wore this look to work on Saturday and absolutely loved it! When I got home from work my boyfriend's old coworker had stopped over to watch the hockey game and right when I walked in this is what he said...."Wow - is that like your work uniform? You kind of look like a school teacher." Now....I'm still not convinced that this was a compliment of any sort....but regardless I'm still in love with this outfit. It was comfortable & great for my job. Plus it's totally fitting in with this black & white trend that's oh so popular right now!

By the way....this is my 500th post!!!! Pretty exciting - right?? I can't believe it!


  1. Congrats on 500 and that steal of a dress! Looks great...guys just don't always get it. lol

  2. omg! i have a dress thats somthing like that and i really love it! you can pair it with anything or just wear it by itself! cute look

  3. Great style! And your blog is really nice!


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