Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dreaming of....

C O A C H E L L A 

I don't wanna hear another peep outta you lucky ladies that are heading to Coachella.

Don't tell me how wonderful it is.
How amazing all of the fashion is.
How great all of the performers are.
Tell me it sucks.
And it's cold.
And everyone is wearing ugly crocs!
And the music stinks.
It's all terrible.
I won't believe you.....but it will make me feel better.
Or actually, even better....
Print out my face & take pictures with it there.
Then I can pretend I went, too!

Here's a Coachella inspired look...

1. Anna Sui Rose Trellis Border Print Kimono
2. Wet Seal Feather Leaf Chain Earring
3. Raidne Gold Collar Necklace
4. Mango Denim Cropped Top
5. Oscar de la Renta Gold-Plated Resin Rose Ring
6. 450 Vintage Frayed Studded Shorts
7. Sam Edelman Sasha Wedges
8. Elliott Mann OMG Fringe Bag


  1. Great picks! These are definitely perfect for a music festival :)

  2. oohhh perfect coachella outfit!!!! boho chic at its finest!!

    Click me for my blog!

  3. LOL, girl I wish I was there too! Next year I might have to make it a priority, time to start planning now! Great picks!



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