Monday, April 15, 2013

Hollywood Wont Save You

Hollywood Wont Save You

On Friday you will find me at the Target Center in Minneapolis belting out the lyrics to all of my favorite Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent songs! Back in February I surprised my boyfriend with tickets to this concert for Valentines Day. It was kind of a bummer that he we had to wait over 2 whole months for it to finally be here and now we are just 4 days away! Both of us actually took the day off of work so we could sleep in & be full of energy for the concert. Boo hoo for me, though, I actually have a meeting for my proposal/wedding planning business at 9:45. In the morning. 25 minutes from my house on a good day. 45 with traffic. So much for sleeping in! Neither of us get out much so we decided we'll be heading downtown a few hours early for drinks. Many, many drinks. I'm so excited - I get so caught up in making a living that I forget to live. So Friday night I will be living. And that there outfit I put together above ^^ well that's just a little outfit inspiration for the concert. My boyfriend will probably be telling me that heels are a ridiculous decision, but lets face it. I don't leave my house without heels on - I don't care where we are going. They are always a good decision.


  1. this outfit is soo amazing- love the striped blazer <3


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