Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stripes & Flowers

Mossimo peplum top || eBay necklace || dENIZEN by Levis jeans || Cosmopolitan heels || thrifted Notations blazer

Let me tell you all a funny story about this picture. It's actually the story of how I met...well....myself - or at least someone very like me. I was at Target scouring the clearance racks as usual when I spotted this girl doing the same and we actually kept picking up the same items. I moved down from the juniors to the womens clearance racks when I spotted her there - again looking at the same items. I quickly moved on to the shoes and found this fabulous pair I've been waiting forever to find on clearance and then stopped by the lingerie department where I then decided to take the above selfie in the mirror. I walked around to the other side of the wall that this mirror was on and who was there with the exact same shoes in her cart as I had? The same girl. And what was she doing? Taking a selfie in the mirror. I contemplated telling her how funny I was finding this situation but figured it may weird her out so I quickly continued on to the jewelry and then, of course, ended up in the same check out line as her. 

On to my outfit....I actually tried on this peplum top about a dozen times and every time decided I didn't need it so I put it back but when I found it on the 70% off rack I just couldn't resist. If only I had found the grey/black/white leopard print version as well my day would have been completely made.

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  1. That is so funny :') I love the florals and stripes together-they work so well! And that necklace is gorgeous.



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