Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Mossimo top | Merona cardi | Merona pencil skirt | Mossimo heels | DIY necklace

Well helloooo wrinkle queen. My gosh - can you tell I had been wearing this skirt all day?

Don't you just love this top? Too bad I didn't get a picture of the back - it's longer & flowy! I almost bought this top a handful of times and finally caved when I found it on the 70% off rack at Target for around $7! Can't beat that! 

Oh - and see those skirts? $11 & some change! I bought the floral one and will be heading back for the other soon!

I should be a Target spokes-model - can you believe my entire outfit is from Target? Technically even the necklace. I bought 2 bracelets at Goodwill that were originally from Target and made them into this necklace.


  1. love how you shop on a budget! i am the same way :) there is always a cheaper alternative that looks cute too:) following you now, hopefully you can take a look at my style blog as well.

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

  2. That's why I haven't been to Target in a few months! I will go in for one thing and buy eight others. LOL. I love that cute top and the color of that skirt. And don't worry about the wrinkles! My stuff is always wrinkly because I actually wear it throughout the day and not just style outfits for my blog. It shows that you're real! :) <3



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