Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love Hath No Fury

I found this poem a few years ago written by this 15 year old girl who loved a boy, who loved someone else, and I just fell in love with it.

Why is it?
That the kindest of all hearts
Are the ones trampled upon?
Why is it?
That you'll love me forever...
Yet weeks, or even days later we were a thing of the past?
Why is it?
That when we love...
It seems like the world is on your side they say?
But to me it isn't so...
My life,
My love,
I search the room for that familiar face,
I find it only to blush and turn away,
It's only yours that does it.
All but a piece of my heart I break off,
To offer as a gift to the poor soul for whom I fall for.
The poor soul who seems to never understand the fury that this heart hath shown,
And received.
And the heartache that only once before has been afflicted upon it,
Now has returned with a vengeance and a memory of the taste of the blood from the
wound that this vampiric thing had inflicted on it the last time.
Now my beating heart,
Only beating faster than before,
Afraid to rise up and say no one more time,
Afraid it will end up lying on the ground once again,
Crying itself to sleep.
The rain that pours outside the window,
The only thing to calm the smitten beast,
The creature that hath no fury like a heart in love.
I lay outside wet from the tears the heavens pour down for me when I am too alone to cry them myself.
Afraid of what comes next,
I lay here hiding in the misty rain,
Willing to wait for you til eternity ends,
Forever in your hands my heart lays.
Please don't forget it on the way out.
And as I lay here crying til my eyes swell,
I realize that the world has always been the same to me.
Always going against me like rubbing against velvet.
And yet the thread of the fabric of time that makes the velvet that has been painted red
with the blood from my still beating heart seems to be made from hope that dwells
within me,
And I feel anew.
I raise my hand to the anguish and push on,
Nevertheless opening the wound to more pain but still trotting on towards you,
Willing to go through the pain for you,
For you are my glory,
My life,
My love,
And I shall never forget that look in your eye when you catch me glancing across the room...

Beautiful - isn't it?

A 15 year old girl that already knows the pain of love, and heartbreak. Yet she knows she must continue on her journey to love.

It really spoke to me when I read it. Like everyone else, I have known heartbreak. Yet I continue to put myself out there, and persevere through the pain of a failed relationship, in pursuit of true love.

I got this tattoo on my big ol' fatty hip (haha).

[[It says "Love hath no fury"]]

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