Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trashy trash....

So, as I may have mentioned before, I've been attending a weekly church group for ohhhh about the past 7 months or so, with the hopes of gaining the tools and knowledge necessary to be the kind of person I want to be. You know, a good person. And by good, I don't just mean you don't litter or kill people. I mean the kind of person that not only doesn't say negative things about other people, but doesn't think them either. I have learned that when I say something negative about someone, 90% of the time it's because I'm actually jealous of them. Jealousy is a sin; one I really no longer care to take part in. But how do you just stop? Well, you can't. So I've been on a mission to better myself as a whole, starting with the inside, and who's better to help me than God? I guess you know what this more Miley Cyrus rants. Although, saying that she went the wrong direction when she hit the fork in the road and is headed south.....if you catch my that doesn't make me a bad person, does it? I'm simply stating a fact, right? Wronggggg. We all know what I'm really thinking when I say that.....ugh. This is toughhhh.

I have this friend though. She's a pretty amazing person. She's beautiful on the outside, for starters. But more than that, she's beautiful on the inside. It's an absolute rarity when I hear her speak a negative word about someone else. And even when those occassions happen to surface, it's never anything like "holyyy cowwww! Check out those Christmas hams she's got shoved in her pants!!!" hehehe...don't mind my sinister snickering. Back to my story....she doesn't say evil, hurtful things like's more so things like "I just feel like she might be acting this way to stir up trouble...but I'm not sure why. Regardless, I'd really rather just not hang out with her." Yeah, I know. She's sooooo wicked. Hah. She's probably my role model for the simple fact that she's always happy and nice. Like genuinely nice. I'll get there....someday.

So for now, these are the sins I'm actively trying to cut from my life:


You know why....? Cuz that shit'll kill ya! Heh...heh...heh....get it? 7 Deadly Sins.

K, over-n-out my non-followers.

Maybe one day I'll write something interesting that someone may want to read....only time will tell!

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