Monday, January 17, 2011

Celeb Fashion For Less

This weeks inspiration is Nicole Richie. She always looks so amazing, and has an amazing sense of fashion. She's original and chic, and I completely want her wardrobe!
Below you can see my attempt at recreating this outfit on a budget. Total cost: $53.19. I found this lbd at Forever 21 for $14.80. It's simple and a must have for any wardrobe. It's so versatile and definitely won't be strictly worn with this outfit. The necklace was also a Forever 21 find for $5.80. It's a bronzed heart locket with a rhinestone cross on the front. Super cute & can be matched with sooo many items. The shoes were an absolute steal - also from Forever 21, can be purchased at $11.99! Can't go wrong there! Now, the sweater I found on It's a manufacturer in Singapore, so you would have to pay shipping & handling. But it's a gorgeous sweater, and only $20.60!! It's not the same one that Nicole Richie had on, but let's be honest...I could NOT find anything like that ANYWHERE! I wish I was able to though, because her's is hot! I do think this leopard cardigan will look great with the outfit though, and who doesn't love animal print?! It really spices up the outfit!

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