Thursday, January 27, 2011

"We love because....'s the only true adventure."
-Nikki Giovann

I'm a day late with this post, but wasn't quite sure what to blog about yesterday. I've got some material today though.

Love truly is an adventure. Regarding my post the other day, the results are in. We sat down last night and talked about our issues as a couple, and I think we really resolved most, if not all of them. We both heard each other out as far as "where we are going as a couple", and started to really understand where we're each coming from. So, we've decided to move forward. My research for Tuesday's post really helped us out when discussing how to really "get the flame back" in our relationship. So we're gonna work on it, and hopefully work thru it.

Adam had his first day of work yesterday. He really liked it. Well, as much as you really can like a job. He tried to explain to me exactly what it is that he does, and to be honest, I still couldn't really understand it. He told me just to tell people he works in the "powder business". Haha, and no, he doesn't really work in that kind of powder business. He basically breaks the powders used in making concrete, I believe, into smaller powders. But he has to wear this really cool white suit that definitely makes him resemble a ghostbuster. So, I've decided to just tell everyone my boyfriends a ghostbuster.

His first day of work started out a little rocky. It began with a hangover, completely due to his irresponsible tendancies, and then took a turn for the worst. He knew something wasn't right when our cat, Stitch, wasn't in his bed when he woke up. So, he shook his bag of treats, and still - no Stitch. Eventually he asked his next door neighbor if she had heard any meowing that wasn't coming from any of her cats and she sent her son, Q, outside to make a run around the house. He found him in one of the gutters that goes down to the basement window. Poor kitty had been outside all night freezing his testies off! You'd think that'd teach him, but he's still made a few attempts for the door since. Hopefully as soon as he gets neutered in March that'll stop. I don't wanna lose my baby boy! Thank God I live in an apartment building so if his sis, Snooki, happens to get out, she's still inside and can't go far!

Other news - My mom's still in this snowy hell we call Minnesota. She's hopefully going to be able to go back to Cali in February.

Speaking of Cali...I have vacation time in April that I requested to go to Alabama for my sister, Anna's wedding. However, the wedding has been called off. So as much as I'd love to see my sis & little nephews, Damion & Jeffrey, I don't wanna buy a plane ticket and end up having nowhere to stay when I get there. So, I've decided to put my money towards a plane ticket to San Diego instead. I'm excited to have more time to spend on the sunny beaches this time! So I'll be San Diego bound on April 14th. I can't wait! I'll be sad to have to come back home to Minnesota on the 18th though. But at least I'll get a couple whole days there, vs the 1 day I got last time! Plus, April in Minnesota is best known as "April showers bring May flowers". And last year, starting in March, there was no more snow in Minnesota. Let's hope for a redo this year so I wont be utterly depressed coming home!

That's all for now, readers! Adios!

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