Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reese Witherspoon

I just L O V E Reese's great sense of fashion. Except for her grubby days (ie: beach/gym days), she has gorgeous casual outfits and always looks H O T all glammed up, which is why I chose her for my late Celebrity Fashion For Less article this week.

Outfit in question: it's not the most flattering face shot, but the outfit is way casual-cute!

So, here we go.

In case you can't read it because it's so small :

Jeans: Vanity - $49.80 (I chose ripped jeans instead of ones that look exactly the same because I think it spices it up a bit)

Sweater: Forever 21 - $27.80

Boots: Charlotte Russe - $35.50

Scarf: Forever 21 - $6.50

Sun Glasses: Forever 21 - $5.50

*She is wearing a necklace, but I didn't look for one since I can't even see what it looks like in this pic to find one similar*

Total: $125.10

Slightly over $100, but well worth it!!

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