Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dream Wedding...

Me and my roomie got to talkin' last night about weddings and if we were to get married tomorrow, who would we choose to be our bridesmaids.

All that chatting got me to thinkin' about what I would want my wedding to look like.

Well, first of all....My bridesmaids would probably be:

My sister, Anna



Those are my for sures. If Adam were to have 5 groomsmen, which I think he would, I'd have to choose between:




Maybe I could talk Adam up to 6, as I'm sure he could definitely come up with one more person he'd love to be in the wedding. There's also a possibility that my sister wouldn't be able to make it up from Alabama, in which case I wouldn't have to choose or have Adam choose a 6th groomsman. But, I'd love for her to be my Maid of Honor.

I'd love for my wedding to be in a big beautiful church. A really old looking one with tall pillars and a bell that rings every hour.

I'd want my dress to be off white, vintage, and classy. No killer cleav. for this girl!

This one is my absolute favorite!

I can't be too sure how much I love this one because you can't really see the bottom, but I love the top!

The top of this dress is just beautiful :)

Now, As for Bridesmaid dresses, I'd have short dresses that could be worn again for another event, not one of those hideous dresses that will never have another use. I love these two. Mostly the 2nd though.

I'd probably like this one best in a bright orange color. Maybe with white or pink beading on the "belt" part. The tough part about this one, though, is that most of my b.m.s would have wiiiicked cleavage!!! Yikes!!

This one is beautiful. I think it would be flattering on all body types. I would actually LOVE it as a wedding dress. For a b.m. dress, though, I'd want it in an orange or yellow color, I think.

For flowers, I don't want your typical roses. Too expected, uncreative, and boring. I want brightly colored big, bold, beautiful flowers. Ones like these:

So, yeah....that's kinda what I want my wedding to be like.

Beautiful perfection.....

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