Friday, April 8, 2011

Where the sun shines...

Me and the girls decided that next winter we're taking a girls vacation! Right now we're thinking somewhere around January 12-17. At least that's what I'm thinkin'. hehe

We've only briefly talked about destinations, but right now I'm bankin' on L.A. I've always wanted to go there. I feel like it's a great city for tourists. There's so much to see/do!

  • the Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • the Hollywood sign

  • Celeb. stalking

Just to name a few...

Some other destinations we're considering are:

  • Cancun

  • New Orleans

  • S. Padre Islands

  • San Antonio

  • Vegas

  • A cruise (thumbs down!)

We want to head South seeing as we'll probably be experiencing a frozen tundra here in the "Minnie-Apple". I didn't even think Cancun would come close to being in our price range, but I checked it out...and it turns out it's only about $200 more than L.A. The other's seem to fit somewhere in between the two. I haven't checked out cruise pricing yet, but I feel like that would end up being far more expensive than actually having a destination. Plus I feel that there would be more to do in L.A., or N.O. or Cancun! I'd LOVE to go somewhere I've never been before, but I'm definitely not opposed to revisiting the S. Padre Islands or San Antonio. After all, S.A. is my favorite place on earth.

It's mildly disappointing that pretty much the entire U.S.A. will be experiencing sub par beach weather, but I'm pretty possitive the temps will be very welcomed come January in the upper midwest.

I put my first chunk of change away for the vaca. today. I'm pretty sure I have never had such a big smile on my face while setting aside money. I don't like knowing there's money sitting somewhere and I can't touch it, regardless of the reason. So, this is going to be a struggle for me. But, my suffering will be well worth it come January when I'm sitting on the sandy beaches or snapping candid pictures of a celeb!

Ideally, I'd like to have $1500-$2000 set aside by January. So far, we've got $115. It's a start!


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