Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Love

Don't worry, this is not what my outfit posts are going to look like. This was just my attempt at taking a few pics of an outfit I had on. It's half assed. Future ones will be MUCH better! I promise!

The other day I was wearing one of my favorite T's and had to take a couple pics!

Leather jacket - Target "One Love Bob Marley" T - Rue 21
Charlotte Russe heels
Charlotte Russe Heels

I wore the outfit with dark wash skinny jeans from Vanity.

Guess what! Those heels I bought with my amazing Charlotte Russe coupon! They were originally $42.50, but I got them for $15!!!! How great is that?!

Sorry I'm slow on doing my first actual outfit post, but the weather here has been rather crummy lately and I really wanted to do my first one outdoors to get some good lighting. Expect it soon though! I hear it's supposed to be clearing up here starting tomorrow. But for now, it's snowing. Darn you, mother nature!

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