Friday, April 15, 2011

shopA H O L I C

I finally admitted to myself yesterday that I have a serious shopping addiction. It's badddd. But I had coupons! And there were sales! So it's justifiable, right? I really need to tone down my spending a little though, especially if I wanna take a vacation anytime soon! Or go anywhere in all of these new clothes/shoes/accessories I've bought. Right now - I can't afford to take them out on the town. How unfair.

Anywho, yesterday I went to Rue21 to spend my R U E B U C K S ! I had two of these "ruebucks". With each one I get $20 off of $40. So, I got $87 worth of stuff, and only spent $47! Yay for me. Also, I had 2 coupons for buy a pair of H O T H E E L S at Charlotte Russe for $15!! Plus they had this great sale on jewelry - 3 for $10. My kinda deal! So here are a few of my purchases:

$35.50 @ Charlotte Russe $42.50 @ Charlotte Russe
$26.99 @ Rue 21
$26.99 @ Rue 21
$16.99 @ Rue 21
$14.99 @ Rue 21

I also bought a black shirt with lace half-sleeves @ Rue 21 for like $17ish and a Bob Marley T @ Rue 21 for $12ish and a bracelet for $0.50. It's a black "leather" band that snaps w/silver big ol' studs all the way around. At Charlotte I got three super cute rings w/the 3 for $10 deal.

I'm thinkin' I'm gonna give outfit posts a shot. It's difficult at the moment with no internet @ home, and my personal computer's been broken - until now! Every once in a while I should be able to do an outfit post though. I follow lots of awesome blogs w/constant outfit posts and their clothes are always soooo cute. I think that's partially what's contributing to my shopping problem as of late. I see all of these super cute outfits and just HAVE to have something similar.

So, hopefully I'll have all that up & runnin' soon.

Til' then....


You're the best!