Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring [2011] Fashion Trends

I don't know about you, but I'm seeing many new & recycled trends out there this Spring, and I'm lovin' it! Many fashions from the 60's, 70's and 80's are being recycled this year, and people couldn't look more fabulous!

Oversized totes & bags are everywhere! Although, this trend really has been around for the past few years, I'm seeing a lot of the same style being brought slightly more up-to-date to mesh well with the other popular fashions.
Neon & oversized handbags are another huge trend! I'm seeing huge wristlets & handbags absolutely everywhere out there this Spring. I haven't seen a ton of neon ones yet, but I'm looking forward to them!
Orange seems to definitely be a go to color for quite a few, and I just love it! It's very seasonable, and even on the rainiest, darkest days, seeing those colors reminds me that it is Spring!
White pants! These always seem to work there way back into the fashion world year after year, so it's really no surprise that they're back again! I've definitely had my eye on a pair of white denim trousers!
Color blocking is definitely making a statement this year! I love the bold colors! I'm not sure that this is a trend you'll see me sporting, but I really enjoy seeing those that can pull it off flawlessly!
Heels w/socks. Blazers. Color blocking, booties, floppy hats and trouser pants - these fashions were all very visible at Fashion Week all around the world!

Open-toed booties are all over the place, and I'm lovin' that! I've already scored myself a few pairs, and promise I'll be purchasing a few more this season! Other popular shoe trends I've seen are platforms, wedges & sky high sandals!
Hot pink lipstick has prevalent on the runway and celebrities world wide.
This year bold colored eyeshadows seem to be the trend. Again, this is another fashion that I'm not sure I'll be sporting, but these ladies are really rockin' it!!

Orange lipstick is EVERYWHERE!! It looks absolutely fabulous on these ladies as well as many others I've seen. There are so many different shades and hues it's amazing. Very summery!

What's your favorite Spring fashion so far??

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