Friday, May 6, 2011


It's P A Y D A Y ! !

Can you guess where I'm going?

That's right....

S H O P P I N G ! ! !

Again...but shhhhh....

I'm just gonna swing by F21 at the MOA after work to check out some jewelry & then run over to Charlotte Russe to see if they've got any killer [clearance] heels! Their website's never the best source when scopin' out the clearance shoes. They always have way more, and way better ones at the store. But these are some of the jewelry pieces I'm gonna have an eye out for...

all F21 :: 1)$3.80 2)$3.80 3)$5.80 4)$7.80

cheapsies! My kinda jewelry!

Wish me luck on my clearance shoe journey!


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