Saturday, May 7, 2011

shine on meee...

It's another beautiful day here in the Twin Cities! I'm wearin' that leopard dress I told ya'll about! Pics to come soon! :)

I was naughty last night and did a tiny bit more shoppin'. I did buy a few of those items I posted yesterday! I got one of the necklaces & 4 rings. It was all super cheap too! No luck finding any cute heels though. I was kinda disappointed about that, but it's for the best! I really have enough heels as it is! For now at least...hehehe.

Adam saw me wearing one of my new rings last night & scolded me for shopping again! I tried to suck up a little by telling him I'm just trying to stay lookin' good for him, and he told me he'd still think I was beautiful if I was wearing a burlap sack. How sweet he can be. Although, I know he's lyin'!! lol

I'm heading over to my mom's to celebrate Mother's Day a day early after I get off work in 2 hours, and then hopefully going with Adam to hang out with our friends Joe & Jennie tonight. We haven't seen them in forever, so we both really miss 'em! It should be fun!

I bought my mom a sterling silver necklace for Mother's Day that is two linked hearts. One says "mother daughter", and the other says "friends forever". On the box it says:

Mother and daughter,
friends forever.

My best memories have
always been growing up
with you.

I'm gonna get her some flowers too, and a nice card, and take her on a picnic. That's all she said she wanted this year - was to go on a picnic.

What do you have planned for Mother's Day??


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