Friday, May 13, 2011

Me. Moi. Mich.

So I was thinkin'...ya'll don't really know too much about me.
Maybe it's time I shared. 

I'm obsessed with organization.
I love love stories and long for one of my very own.
I don't eat red meat, and I definitely don't eat anything on a bone.
I'm a Twihard. [team Edward, fo shizzz]
I have 3 beautifully wonderful cats who are basically my children.
I am an event planner.
I work for a dating service.
[no, that's not the same thing as an escort]
I want to be a Wedding Planner.
I'm a shopping addict.
I can never have enough high heels.
I love taking pictures.
I have some of the best  friends in the world.
My boyfriend makes me have premature ventricular palpitations.
[aka, he makes my heart skip a beat]
Yes, I stole that from a movie.
I live in Minnesota.
Yes, I hate it.
No, we don't say eh.
I have 3 wonderful brothers.
37, 24, 17.
Clint, Chris, Patrick.
I also have 2 amazing sisters.
34, 26.
Jenn & Anna.
I strive for perfection, but often fall short.
I can live with that.
I love [inside jokes], [silly stories], and [being nerdy].
The phrase "hang out w/my wang out" makes my giggle.
I'm goofy, sincere, sarcastic, and funny.
I live to make others laugh.
Sunshine makes everything better.
I like bright colors.
My middle name is Renee.
I'm a huge procrastinator.
I'm a daddy's girl, fo sho.
I love colored pens. Silly, I know.
The simplest things in life are what I live for.
Windchimes, grasshoppers & flared nostrils freak me out.
I love flowers & pretty little things.
I truly believe that everything, and everyone is beautiful. You just have to look carefully.

Thats M E !
[in a nutshell]

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