Friday, May 13, 2011

Heyy, heyyy Fridayyyy

Ch-ch-cheeeck it out! It's Friiiidayyy.
Decisions, decisions.
Me and the roommate have a 2 mile run & a healthy dinner to look forward to tonight.
Thank goodness it's not humid out!
[Secretly] I'm trying to get out of it to go have drinks with my girl Dana.
We'll see.
This sexy bod could really use a run.
But it's Friiidayyy, Friiidayyy.
[[Sorry]]....had to.

Tomorrow I have to work at Great Expectations from 9-4 and then I'm debating between a bon fire at the boyfriends hizzleee.
Even though rain is likely. Ishhh.
Or I could go downtown with my roomie to check out her co-workers band.

I feel like I haven't been out in forever so that's sounding uber tempting right about now. Although...I haven't seen my boo bear since Tuesday.

I know. We're freaking adorrrrable.

We just can't help it! is day t.w.o. of no shopping for moi. Proud much? If all you pretty girls would stop posting amazing clothes & shoes, I'd feel less tempted to go out & buy myself something similar! So yes, I blame you!

K, byeeee.


  1. keep strong. don't buy anything...

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Two days doesn't seem like a huge deal, but for me it kinda is! I'm tryin' though! :)


You're the best!