Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oops, I did it again...

You know you have a serious shopping addiction when you have to hide your new purchases from your boyfriend because he'll be mad you shopped again. Eek....Shame on me! I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes. No designer items for me. So when I find a super cute top for $4.95, or a skirt for $9.95 I just can't help myself. And when the already cheap stores that I shop at have sales, I really can't resist! Like yesterday - I was wandering around the mall just wasting some time, and I swore I wouldn't buy a single thing - unless of course I found the perfect cardigan that I've been searching for - and then I saw Rue21 and thought I'd take a peeksies [especially after I saw the huge SALE sign in the window]. I spent $10 and got myself 2 pairs of way cute jeans! Pretty wicked deal, eh?!

Then today I had lunch plans with a friend, but her car broke down so I decided to waste away some time at the mall. Bad idea from the start...I know. So, I went to H&M in search of this perfect cardigan [which I again did not find], but I did spend about $29 and got a skirt & three shirts!

I got the tank in pic #1 in a beige color [only $4.95 might I add..] and the skirt in pic #2 [only $9.95!]. I also got a tank that is white with black strips & says "bring me luck" with a horse shoe on it and a few other pretty little things. This was a tough buy for me because I already have the same shirt but its plain white & it's black and gold instead of colorful, but I just had to have it! I also got a long white, off the shoulder t with fringe on the bottom and a cool summery pic on the front. Such great deals I just had to!

Wow, what a reality check. I just said "had to". Yikessss.

Ok, I think I need to go on a shopping strike. No shopping for 1 month. [Unless I find this much needed cardigan I've been searching for ;)]

I'll keep you updated on how this goes. I'm nervous myself.

Oh, one more thing....check out this adoooorable skirt I bought a couple of weeks ago:
I looove it. It's a bit short on me though...

Anywho, that's all for now.



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