Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainy days...

It seems like it's done nothing but rain here lately.
I feel like I'm living in Seattle.
Where's the summer I look forward to every year?

[shoes | Yoki] [necklace | F21] [ring | Unsure of brand - from Macy's] [skirt | h&m] [tank | h&m] [blazer | unknown - thrifted]

Enough complaining.

We're going on our annual canoeing trip next week.
We leave on Thursday.
I'm so excited.
And nervous.
I'm REALLY hoping it's going to be nice.
I checked the 10 day forecast out.
Upside: 90's.
Downside: Thunderstorms.
Canoeing in the rain = no fun at all.
Although I know Adam would disagree with me there.
I'm just crossing my fingers it'll be nice out.

Funny story...
Well, funny and mean...
My roommate bought me a scratch off.
It said I won $15,000.
I screamed.
In the middle of a restaurant.
In that 3 minutes that I thought I was "rich", I had big plans.
Vacation & new car kinda plans.
Then I read the back.
It basically said I was a moron if I thought it was real.


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